Shining testimonials...


Hank, K-9 officer FL - The Flydog bowl has proven to be a great piece of equipment. My K-9 partner 'Gunner' uses it daily and it has never failed him. I have driven aggressively to emergency calls on numerous occasions and the Flydog bowl has not had a single spill in the back of my patrol car.


Brent, IN - I have a yellow lab that goes with me around town and to the dog park. This is a fantastic product. The bowl worked great in our SUV and didn't spill.


Bethany, RI - I have three dogs, a Lab, Pit bull, and a mix. My dogs come with me to work, around the city, and to the dog park. I think this product is worth the purchase. My dogs drank from it immediately.


Chris, NY - I have an eighty pound Golden. I take my dog everywhere. This bowl is a home run. I use it on the back of my passenger seat. It fits my dog perfectly, and he uses it everyday.


Paul, CT - We have a yellow lab and a Terrier mix. Our dogs come with us to run errands and around town. This is a great product and is worth the purchase. I also use the bowl on the fence or their outdoor pen. It's a very good product that my dogs used the second I hung it up.


Cathy, TX - I just wanted to say what a great idea. I just received one as gift for my Collie Heather. She goes with everywhere, and I used to carry a dish and tray.





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